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Villas 3rd Wave is to be a private for-profit corporation, with provincial charter, which will operate in an harmony of capitalism and social conscience.

V3W is to be a specialist in the seniors' services and products market. It proposes to become an engine of major innovation in the field of unique housing for retirees and pre-retirees.

V3W is to be the coordinator of the implementation of the physical aspects of the 3rd Wave Lifestyle Concept, as innovated by Mr. Jacques L St-Arnaud , President/Owner of Starlight Infoworks. It is also the resources manager for the daily operations of the Villa-Residences which will be constructed.

V3W will offer shares in two categories. Class-A shares are to be emitted at no-par value, are the only ones to have voting rights, and number 5,000 in total. Class-B shares are to be emitted with an initial quoted value of $10 each, do not have voting rights, and number 250,000 in total at present. By incorporation regulations, there is possibility of a maximum of only forty (40) investors who can obtain these shares. The company gives itself the privilege to consider only offers of purchases by investments of $20,000 minimum. The first twenty (20) investors who make an investment of at least $50,000 will receive 5,000 (min.) Class-B shares as well as 50 (min.) Class-A shares. All other investors will receive Class-B shares only, and will not be able to obtain Class-A shares until they have undertaken extended participaCtion on various operational committees mandated by the Executive Committee of the corporation.

V3W will engage in the coordination of construction of a minimum of five new residential complexes based on the unique requirements of the 3rd Wave Lifestyle Concept. This in the three years following incorporation, in the Outaouais area, and each one as an independent for-profit private provincial corporation in either Québec or Ontario. Some details on the first of these complexes follow. Further information is available by linking directly to the introduction page of the Villa Alfred Xavier website.

Note that you can invest funds directly from your RRSP, easy if yours is a self-directed plan, and receive double benefit from your investment. We invite you to read some comments on this subject, either by linking to our RRSP expos?/A> or by buying Mr. Garth Turner's book: 2020 - New Rules for the New Age.

Return on investment (ROI)

It is certainly difficult to predict with certainty the ROI of the proposed activities. But, it is quite logical to say that there will be a very high ROI. Reasons?... (1) the growth in the number of people in this market (the "babyboom wave" is here, now), (2) the escalating demand for housing which offers a "plus" in services and amenities, and (3) the requirement of seniors to be seen, and the needs of society to have people who feel "valorized"... who take part, contribute, and invest in the good activities of an evolving society.

But one thing is certain. The growth of the market, in number of clients and their available financial resources, plus their tendency towards value priced products and services, especially as it relates to quality, availability, and reliability, ensure that this market will have a huge potential. The Villa 3e Wave company is positioning itself at the forefront of this paradigm wave.

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