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Villas 3rd Wave's mission is to be THE instigator for major innovation in the housing for mature people market. Innovations at the level of the synergy of the services offered, as well as with the use of technological avant-garde systems of construction ... and communication. Innovations in the concept of company infrastructure, the style of financing, the system of management, and the products offered.

Villas 3rd Wave's mission is to build and manage residential complexes that have an environment (services and products) which will valorize the residents (autonomous mature people) of the project, as well as the members of the Alliance of Sages.

A return to the personalized services of our parents' time... combined with the effectiveness of the technologically improved management and communication systems of today... in preparation for a crisis of paradigm proportions in the systems of health and social services for society's seniors.

More astonishing still, there are "Three great demographic characteristics"2 which will influence society over the next decades. "It is about the ageing... of the seniors population, of the feminization of the aged and the number of households comprised of only one person."2 These three elements will define the future needs as it relates to the choices for housing.

"The solutions which are offered to seniors who undergo a loss of autonomy..."2 no matter how minimal, "...are still very few and limited either to seniors' centres, or to public housing, or... to private residences... Alternative residential solutions could help..."3 Over 49% of seniors are tenants having minimum incomes and who are not owners of their residence.

Less known are the many reports which indicate that we are approaching a crisis of paramount scale... that will concern not only seniors, but also our so cherished social and health care systems. A crisis of conscience in wanting to provide the necessary services to ensure a long life for our seniors... a healthy life and peace of mind. But all that is expensive. And here is society requesting balanced budgets from their governments. What a catch-22! We spend or we cut? "Either from an economic point of view or a social one, the maintenance of the statu quo in our practices of intervention with seniors who need health care and services to maintain their functional autonomy is quite simply insupportable."4

The traditional solutions to these demands are varied. One sees seniors' pavilions, two-family housing, plex-type residences, residences with "accessory" apartment units, group housing, condos, luxury suites, public housing, co-operatives, and non-profit residences. "New building construction is the easiest means to create residences and buildings that are well adapted to the needs of seniors... (with) monthly rents varying from 400$ to 2 000$ (1987 value) according to the level of service offered."8 These days, we see rents in the 3 000$ to 4 000$ range for seniors only luxury condos located in Toronto.

Unfortunately, the majority of the these solutions continue to promote established prejudices from years past, at a time when seniors were regarded as a burden on society and when it was best to institutionalize them in residences for old people, to keep them distracted, and more importantly to keep them out of sight... the better to forget them!

It is important to remember that "...the environment in which seniors evolve is as significant in the maintenance of their autonomy as the residential care and services which are made available to them." But "...The principal studies which relate to the impact of the environment on the functional autonomy of seniors are limited... to the immediate environment of the person, i.e. inside the housing... which is the principal environment and often the only one in which she lives throughout the day. It is thus necessary that it be... secure and functional, intellectually stimulating, physically and morally... an enriching place of physical and emotional life. "11

In all this research, we forget a major aspect of a healthy, clean and secure life... the valorization of the person. The key elements in all the solutions already suggested to meet the needs of seniors still remain the maintenance of a good physical health at the smallest possible cost. Involvement in the community is reduced to one of voluntary help and distraction. But the valorization of a person requires an element of visible reward and recognized importance. Only monetary rewards can fill the two primary needs of seniors... the recognition of their knowledge, experience and wisdoms by usual methods, as well as additional income to round out their budget. To paraphrase Gerry McGuire... show me the money!

A company that can be in the forefront in offering mature people the desired environment, at accessible prices, will be largely supported.

Villas' Vision...

  • Villas which will provide tenants with traditional distractions in addition to opportunities to valorize themselves while taking part in remunerative activities.
  • Villas which will enable the participants to share in the profits of the operation and thus increase their estate.
  • Villas which will enable the members to benefit from unique services and products and thereby reduce their expenditures in addition to offering opportunities for travel and exchange.

Join us !

  • Join an innovative team, and be part of history.
  • Take part in the development of an enticing environment...
      ...a healthy, clean, secure, and especially accessible environment...
      ...for all pensioners !

I invite you to check the data and the many research reports in order to inform yourself on the true situation of our seniors.

I invite you to take part in a survey to elaborate on the true needs of the Outaouais seniors.

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